Join Hersh and Forbes as they share their personal success strategies and tools to help you make 2020 and beyond legendary! This is the FOUNDATION OF SUCCESS to discover and UNLEASH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL.

This High-Level Mastermind Is For Those People Looking To Amplify The Performance Of Their Business While Tearing Down The Barriers That Are Constantly Holding Them Back. Mastermind begins the first week of January!

Hersh and Forbes Host 2020 Becoming Legendary Mastermind

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Here's Just A Fraction of What You Get When You Join Our Mastermind Group:

  • Ultimate Toolkit - Hersh and Forbes will teach you all the strategies and tools needed to become fulfilled, more productive, achieve faster and enjoy life in the process.
  • Overcome Barriers - We all have limiting beliefs, doubts and experience negativity around us. Hersh and Forbes will show you how to destroy these obstacles and empower yourself to achieve your goals.
  • Unstoppable Confidence - You'll be able to eliminate unwanted stress & overwhelm instantly from your life, while developing the confidence to take massive and daily action towards your goals.
  • Master Time &Energy - Learn how to gain more time and do more with it. You'll never again say I don't have time. You can have it all - career, family, relationships, health and fun!

Plus, You're Getting These Amazing Bonuses As Well When You Join Today:

  • Millionaire Success Planner - The cornerstone to Hersh's time management and productivity system will keep you on track towards your goals, focus on the most important tasks and reinforce everything you are learning in the Mastermind.
  • Fitness Programs - Whether your goal is burn fat, tone, lose weight or gain muscle; we are including two of the best workout and fitness programs developed by 3X Bodybuilding World Champion Joshua Self and Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee Forbes Riley's SpinGym.
  • Defender Safety Keychain - Know how to protect yourself and your family, avoid fitting the victim profile, and how to escape the most common attacks used by predators.
  • Financial Programs - Learn the exact steps you can easily take yourself to develop amazing credit to open up more opportunities and profits. You'll also learn secret strategies to get free travel, save on shopping at virtually every store you currently shop at and more.
  • Bio-Hack Sleep Course - Learn how to maximize your deep sleep patterns to feel more energized, boost your immune system to get sick and allergies less, and to safely sleep 2-4 hours less a night!


If after three weeks from the start of the mastermind program, you aren't convinced you have already received 10X your money's worth or there isn't any value from being in Hersh and Forbes' Inner Circle, simply ask for a refund and we'll send your money back no questions asked.