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For the first time in over five years, Webmation CEO Hersh Sandhoo, is sharing his success secrets. Teaching you how to master time management, achieve your goals, reduce the hours of sleep you need, eliminate stress and destroy overwhelm from your life. You will learn firsthand the exact bio-hacking, time management and goal setting methodology that will propel you to make radical transformations in your relationships, physical fitness and income. If you have ever felt that you don’t have enough time or have not tapped into your full potential, this one day webinar is a must for you.

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Bio-Hack Sleep & Energy

Learn the strategies Hersh has used for over two years to condition himself to sleep just 4 to 4.5 hours every night while having more energy and better health than when he was sleeping 6-8 hours. With a 12:30am wake up time, nobody beats Hersh in this regard.

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Find Your Passion

Learn how to get out of a funk and tap into hidden motivation reserves to become success driven. Figure out exactly what you want your life purpose to be and go through the exercises Hersh used to define his core values and beliefs to better your life.

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Goal Setting Workshop

Goals are a powerful driving force to help spur action if done correctly. You will learn how to use goals to motivate yourself consistently, tackle big projects without being overwhelmed, and avoid the biggest mistakes made when setting goals.

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Double Your Productivity

Master and alter your percpetion of time, priorities, and learn Hersh's strategies for getting in two days of work in just one day. Learn how to schedule your weeks and days in a goal centric way, stop focusing on hours and minutes, and complete your most important priorities.

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10X Everything

Learn how to conquer fear and eliminate stress while improving every area of your life expontentially. From your health, career or business, relationships and emotional well-being, you will learn how to create the ultimate blueprint of success for your life.

About Hersh Sandhoo

About Hersh Sandhoo

Hersh's philosophy is to create a long-term win-win relationship with clients by making it easy and cost-effective to grow their organization by providing all the web development, mobile app, design, print, multimedia, marketing services and business development expertise needed to be successful into today’s fast changing business environment.

Hersh has over 20 years of martial arts experience and is a fourth degree black belt in the martial arts of Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do, has trained extensively in other martial arts, served as an executive director of the Women's Personal Safety Network and has been certified as a personal protection specialist. He has also been involved in many successful technology ventures, and is able to help any client innovate new technology, generate more leads while still being compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, and develop out-of-the-box growth strategies.

Hersh has been featured on WUSA9 News, WHUR 96.3FM, NBC4 Health Expo, Affiliate Summit West, Martial Arts Millionaire Bootcamp, NAPMA World Conference, Self-Defense Forum, The Truth About the Martial Arts Business, Martial Arts Professional, Feedfront Magazine, Gazette, DirectReponse.Net, and Grant's Cardone's 10X Ambassador Mastermind.

Pulled from the Archives...
Over 5 Years Ago

This year's webinar is heavily updated with the latest bio-hacking strategies that let Hersh up to his wake time from 4:00AM to 12:30AM every morning, time management techniques that exploded his productivity and new psychological exercises to rewire your brain to take massive action by default.

Let's face it. In today’s technology age, you are not only bombarded with the traditional demands of your job, family, household chores and events, you are now under siege by a constant stream of emails, phone calls, and text messages. It is easy to get overwhelmed, lose sight of what is important and get trapped into living a mundane and unfulfilled life.

And according to the American Psychological Association 75% of us experience stress each month with the vast majority experiencing both physiological and psychological symptoms, including headaches, fatigue, mood swings, sleep issues, and muscle tension. This stress seeps into our work and personal lives with one-third of employed adults reporting they have difficulty managing work and family responsibilities.

Time is also the one constant that equalizes the playing field for all people. You only have 24 hours in the day just like everyone else. Yet some people consistently outperform others without any correlation to intelligence or talent. You now have a rare opportunity to learn the secrets to living a full and balanced life while achieving goals you never thought were possible.

What would you do if you could eliminate stress and have enough time to do whatever you wanted? Would you...

Start a new business? Spend more time with your kids or spouse? Take up an old hobby? Learn something new you have always wanted to try? Travel more? Start to workout consistently and take better care of your health?

What others say about Hersh...

Hersh is one of the smartest and most talented people I know. He is one of the few who has the ability to systematize and develop a business from ground up - from product development and operations to sales and marketing he has it covered. He has helped my companies generate millions and his advice on time management has helped me personally with my work life balance.

Richard Gorman
CEO, DirectResponse.Net

Being a marketing and event consultant myself I am very picky with who I work with or recommend my client’s to work with. Hersh is the real deal. I absolutely love working with him and his team. His attention to detail, superb management abilities and capacity to quickly take our vision and translate it into a final product is such a breath of fresh air.

Corinne Sanzone
Principal, P3 Enterprises

I’ve been a client of Hersh’s for over a decade. He never ceases to amaze me. The transformations he has made personally, financially and business wise are astounding. 15 minutes on the phone with Hersh gives me more knowledge and insight than the hours and even days I’ve spent with other marketing experts.

Master Samuel Scott
Founder, Full Circle Martial Arts Academy

Having to keep disciplined and to a schedule is not easy to do, especially in high stress situations. From my time of service and training members of our elite forces, I believe time management is one of the most valuable skill sets a person can have. Hersh has mastered and systematized this skill in a teachable way to help others quickly incorporate a higher standard of excellence into their lives.

Justin Singletary
1st Ranger Battalion Sniper Team Leader

In less than three minutes Hersh helped me break a fast food addiction I was struggling with for years. I was going to eat fast food six times a week and getting extra since they were closed on Sunday. I haven’t been back in over 6 months and have lost 35 pounds! I am training to run a half marathon now. He is amazing! Thank you so much!

Kesha Brown
Lost 35 Pounds

Hersh’s advice both personally and professionally has been invaluable to me over the years. I honestly don’t know how he juggles so many projects at once and still is able to execute them at the highest levels. I’m excited that he is finally revealing his secrets!

Rob Colasanti
President, Game Changers International
Former NAPMA President
Best Selling Author

This is the foundation of success...
Hersh went overboard giving out information...
I feel I now have some crucial tools to enable me to build a successful business
This will help me get more organized and get my life in order...