Ultimate Time Management & Productivity Secrets for Business Owners

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Join Becoming Legendary Founder & Webmation CEO Hersh Sandhoo as he shares his secrets to hack time, sleep and productivity.


  • Gain 24 work months per year
  • Sleep as little as 4.5 hours a night
  • Improve your energy, health and immune system
  • Create magic moments with family
  • Help your kids flourish at home during COVID-19
  • Double your productivity
  • Eliminate stress and overwhelm
  • Never burnout and create 2 hours a day of "me time" for yourself
Millionaire Success Planner

Millionaire Success Planner

Hersh's Millionaire Success Planner is a culmination of his 20-year obsession with time management and productivity. This one-page system per day system allows him to stay focused on his goals and accomplish more in a year than most will do in two.

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About Hersh

Hersh Sandhoo is the founder of one of the nation's top marketing and web development agencies, Webmation. Founded in 2001, Webmation has helped generate hundreds of millions of dollars in leads, sales, and cost savings by helping automate its clients branding, marketing, sales and operations. Hersh has also created and successfully exited multiple technology companies and has dedicated his life to learning the strategies needed to be successful in every area of his life.

Nicknamed the "Dragon" for his insane work ethic, biohacking himself to sleep just four hours a night, 12:30 a.m. wake up time, personal transformations, boosting his immune system, and dedication to family. He has found a way to work 90 hours a week, spend 30 hours with family and still have over 2 hours a day for himself. Becoming Legendary was born from his desire to share this knowledge with others and create a positive and success-oriented community of kindred spirits.

Hersh has over 20 years of martial arts experience and is a Master black belt in the martial arts of Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do, has trained extensively in other martial arts, served as an executive director of the Women's Personal Safety Network and has been certified as a personal protection specialist.

Hersh has been featured on Fox News, WUSA9 News, WHUR 96.3FM, NBC4 Health Expo, Affiliate Summit West, Martial Arts Millionaire Bootcamp, NAPMA World Conference, Self-Defense Forum, The Truth About the Martial Arts Business, Martial Arts Professional, Feedfront Magazine, Gazette, DirectReponse.Net, 10X Ambassador Group, Grant Cardone’s Growth Con 3, Forbes Factor Live, and many podcasts.

Cashback World

"Individual accountability, operational excellence and the ability to lead teams are essential qualities needed to perform on an elite level. Hersh Sandhoo hits the mark on all of these traits. He is truly an industry leader that cares for others and is making a difference in this world."

Lt. Commander Weiner
United States Navy Seals
Amazing Culture

"Mr. Sandhoo you have demonstrated an admirable interest in the development of our nation's knowledge and technology. You are to be commended to your dedication and initiative in the fields of science and engineering."

Constance Morella
Congress of the United States
House of Representatives
Top Brands

"Hersh you are wearing me out with your success. He is 10X. What he is doing is amazing and everyone has that same potential. Hersh, your success inspires me."

Grant Cardone
#1 Top Sales Trainer
$1.2B+ in Real Estate Holdings
Business Residuals and Training

"Hersh helped us grow from $200K to over $1 Million a year in revenue. Fifteen minutes on the phone with Hersh, gives me more insight and knowledge than the hours and even days I've spent with other marketing experts."

Grandmaster Samuel Scott
Founder Combat Kunato

#BeTheDragon - "Become so powerful, wise and strong; you can amass your own wealth; inspire others with your example; instill fear in your enemies; provide for your loved ones; and live life on your own terms." - Hersh Sandhoo

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